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Sourcing in China is challenging for many Amazon FBA sellers, you may encounter the MOQ, inspection, sample consolidation, logistic problems when you are sourcing from China. We understand your business type and concerns and you should focus on marketing & finding new best-selling products, we will take care of everything you concern in China. is a good place for sourcing, however, we believe all the Chinese Amazon sellers don’t source their products from, they only use & (search engine like google), it’s true that have some large reputed companies, supplying high quality products with reasonable price, but there are also so many trading companies there which convince you they are factory, you may not get the most competitive pricing as your competitors in this way.

Capabilities of Chinese sourcing agent at FBAfreightforwarder are
•    Fluent in Chinese mandarin language
•    Proficient in business culture and the knowledge related to it
•    Managing of the suppliers in china
•    Experience in sourcing process
•    Experience in Quality controlling process
•    Also provides an experienced person in Audit as well as in Logistics

Our FBA Sourcing service help you find the quality factory. We take care of everything; from sample management to packing, labeling, certification and much more…

No member fees, no prepay fees when you use our sourcing service.

Low commission, only 5% of the total products value.

We quote the pricing including the commission to you, you can compare the sourcing price with other chanel, if everything meets your requirements. you place the order.

We provide one stop solution in China, try us.


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