Frequently Asked Questions

Buy From 1688

How to buy from 1688 in your site?

It’s easy and simple if you use our shopping cart system,
1. Register an account at
2. Submit original 1688 URL to the shopping cart.
3. Enter or choose the address for the package
4. Save the order

Pls see the simple guidence here: How To Buy

How to make payment for1688 order.

We can accept paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.
If you want to use paypal as a payment methods, please recharge the money by paypal to your account at and pay the order by balance.

Pls see the simple guidence here: How to Pay

Why the exchange rate is higher than the official rates?

We add the paypal fees to the order, which is about 4%, if you want to pay the order by Bank Transfer or by Western Union, we will deduct 4% paypal fees from the amount.

Is the price at real?

Yes, most the sellers at listed correct price unlike, but the domestic shipping fee maybe differ, some sellers will charge more domestic shipping fee for heavy orders.

Sourcing & Consulting

Are you legit & reliable?
Yes, we’re totally legit & reliable, we are in ecommence business since 2009 as a taobao agent (, we already help many customers sourcing from China.
What is our commission for sourcing service?
No member fees, no prepay fees when you use our sourcing service.

Low commission, only 5% of the total products value.

We quote the pricing including the commission to you, you can compare the sourcing price with other chanel, if everything meets your requirements. you place the order.

Why use Our Scourcing Service?
There are so many trading company at, it’s hard for the foreigners to find the real factories and which one is the real factory.

We know all the Chinese Amazon sellers or other sourcing agent find their products at or, we can help you evaluate the factory and find the best supplier for you.

How to use our sourcing service.
Simply fill out the Request for Quote form, or you can email and we will contact you shortly to review your specific needs and answer any questions.

Inspection & Prep

Can we pickup the goods from the suppliers?
Yes, we can pickup the goods from your different suppliers in China, you also can ask our warehouse.
What's our inspection fees?

Normally, it’s free for the inspection of outside packaging of each unit that you send us. If there is any visible damage we will set the unit aside and send you a picture.

USD0.1/unit for normal inspection.

Pls contact us first for function testing or any other advanced inspection.

What's our Perp Fees?

Labeling: USD0.1/unit
Repackaging: USD0.3/unit, the fee doesn’t includes the packaging material cost, but we only charge low packaging material cost, which you can compare at
Bundling: USD0.2/Unit

Can we accept custom inspection or Prep service?

Yes, we accept custom inspection or prep service, nromally, we charge USD80/Day (8 working hours one manpower).

Send email to us for custom quote.

Shipping & Forwarding

Where is our warehouse?
Our warehouse is in Shenzhen city, Guangdong privince, China, which is one of the largest logistic center in China.
Do all the shipping methods list on our shipping fee calculator?
We only list major shipping methods for FBA shipping, if you have specific requirements or custom shipping fee, pls feel free to contact us.
Do we charge extra fees for shipping & forwarding
We don’t charge any other additional fees if you only use our shipping/forwarding service.
What type of business is best suited for our Shipping Services?

If you need some inspection, prep service in China or you want to save shipping cost to FBA warehouse.

What's our compensation policy if the parcels are lost during the transit from China to Amazon warehouse.
Usually, if the parcels are lost due to our mis-conduct, we will compensate the money as per CNY40/KG, if UPS lost the parcels, the compensation policy as per UPS is USD100/shipment.

Sample Consolidation

How it works?
It’s easy and simple if you use our shopping cart system,
1. Register an account at
2. Submit original tracking no. to the warehouse.
3. Enter or choose the address for the package
4. Submit the trackign no. as a parcel order.
5. We will take the pictures for you when we receive the items, if everything is ok, you pay the shipping fee and we ship the goods to you.
What is our shipping address?
When you register an account at, you will get a unique Chinese address, you can send all the packages to your chinese unique address.

You can see the address at the botton of left menu when you login to our site.

Do we charge extra repack fees or consodidation fees?
We don’t charge any other fees except the shipping fee from China to your address.
How to know the shipping fee for consolidated samples?

You can estimate the consolidated shipping fee though our shipping fee calculator.

Shipping Fee Calculator