Amazon is more and more popular in recent years, many people want to private label their products and sell them on, As competition grows on Amazon, many amazon sellers and private labelers rely on Chinese factories to stay price competitive.

Chinese factories are geared up for manufacturing, they do it better, cheaper and faster than U.S manufactories, they already crated an ecosystem to produce most of products and they can customize based on customer’s needs, with their cheaper prices and amazing efficiency, China is still holding the Number 1 spot even you can find the products from India, Vietnam or other Asia countries.

However, there are many difficult for the new beginners when they start to source or ship from china due to the language barrier and culture difference.

We’re here to help the beginners who want to source from China and private labeling their products on amazon, there are many similar service in the market, what make us different with others?

  1. Low commission as a sourcing agent.

No hidden charges, no up-front fees.

Some sourcing agents charge member fees or high up-front fees, you may lose money if they cannot help you find the quality supplier.

Some sourcing agents get the discount from the factory and they still ask for commission from you, your total cost cannot be as competitive as you expected.

Our pricing structure is very simple, we quote to you the cost per unit including our fees, normally, we will only add 3%-5% of the item value, if you find our cost reasonable, you can use our service. If not, you can find someone better, or do it by yourself.

Our team are experienced from general low cost sourcing, new products and innovation to manufacturing and supply chain management. We source goods from a wide variety of reliable suppliers and manage the whole supply chain right through to your destination anywhere in the world

  1. Low agent fees to help you buy from is a wholesale platform for Chinese whole sellers and retailers, it only accepts the payment by alipay, it’s hard for foreigners to buy from due to the payment issues and language barrier.

The price is lower than other platforms like, or, many products you can find at at cheaper prices.

There are many 1688 purchasing agent in the market, the below is our advantage:

1)    You can place the order using our easy-use, friendly and powerful shopping cart, it’s perfect if you buy multiple products.

2)    We use low exchange rate which is more close to the market, many other 1688 agents earn much money from the exchange rate, some of them evern claim the service fee is 0%, but they earn the money from the exchange rate.

3)    We only charge 5% service fee, not 10% service fee like other agents.

4)    We quote cheaper shipping fee, you can save a lot money on the shipping.

  1. Cheap shipping rates as a freight forwarder.

We have been a shopping agent for years, we know well the logistic companies in China, we know how the Chinese Amazon FBA sellers ship their goods to Amazon warehouse.

We use reliable, high qualified logistic shipping company and can quote the competitive shipping rates which you can hardly find in other sources.

We provide one stop solutions for your FBA business, not matter whether you are beginner or advanced Amazon sellers, you can check the shipping rates and our inspection services even if you ship the goods directly from factory to FBA warehouse.

We are committed to providing our customers with the quality and efficiency of service and to ensure that service is tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs

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