Many people in the world knows, which can meet the most people sourcing needs, it’s easy for them to find the cheap and reliable supplier at this site.

However, does anyone wonder where the products come to

when you find a product on, its most likely that the suppliers purchased the products somewhere else in China, if so, where wholesale platform they purchase? Why not go directly to the factory by yourself to cut off the cost?

You can get the answer if you know, many many suppliers at purchased the products from and sell them to you at higher price. is Chinese version Alibaba, if you’re sourcing from China and you don’t know 1688, you’re definitely missing something! Here’s the secret: 1688 is a much better site to source for supplies in China than, all the Chinese Amazon sellers and other sourcing agent will not find the products from, they purchased the products from, which is absolute goldmine for you.

  1. Accurate many suppliers list price from $1-$10, when you ask for a price, they have nothing in that price range, it’s inaccurate.

Many of them put up pictures of particular products, but what they make is actually quite different (they just copied the pictures from a competitor) Most supplier listed real prices at their store, they sell them with low quantity

  1. Price

Alibaba: Many suppliers buy products from, they add the 20%-30% profits, we already know many trade company do business like this way.

1688: Many of them are real factory, they sell the products at the wholesale price, which are cheapest when the products are distributed to all over the world.

  1. Suppliers

Alibaba: China is “the world’s factory”, there are millions of factories, but only a few of them join to due to the high member fees and low possibility to get the orders.

1688: There are more factories using, the fee is low, which is about CNY1688/year or CNY3688/year, many factories have the experience to accept custom orders as they can always can get overseas orders from trade company, very few of them don’t have the experience to accept custom orders.

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